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The PMS Truck is Coming to Dallas

What you need to know before you hop on board.

PSA: If you possess a Y chromosome, and get all weird when tampon commercials come on, avert your eyes!

The latest cool millennial brand to come to town (see Reformation, Glossier) arrives next week, and they want to talk to you about your period — a lot.

Thinx, the brand behind the first period-proof underwear (and some eye-catching subway ads), is posting up in Dallas as part of their “Fearless Bleeding” tour next Wednesday through Saturday (November 15 – 18) and offering one-on-one appointments with period specialists out of their PMS  Truck (it’s chic as hell). The events kick off with a period-themed (yes) happy hour on Wednesday where women can swap their most hilarious or harrowing stories over cocktails and PMS-friendly foods. On Thursday, enjoy a workout at Yoga Pod Dallas followed by a juice toast, and finish off your PMS-positive weekend with a “local bleeders” talk led by female authors at The Wild Detectives.

As one of only four stops on Thinx’s tour, Dallas clearly serves as an important market for growing young brands such as Glossier, Veronica Beard, Garrett Leight, and Reformation. “We typically spend a lot of time on the coasts, but we’re so excited to continue our taboo-busting crusade in Dallas,” says Siobhan Lonergan, VP of brand for Thinx.

Which is great (bring on the innovation!), but do period panties actually work? There are countless “I Tried It” articles online — as an actual user, I can vouch for the efficacy myself, though I still haven’t declared myself-tampon free just yet —  but for many, being able to physically see and feel the product might be the only way to fully take the period panty plunge (which, coincidentally, sounds like a pretty twisted late night talk show game).

So book your appointment at the Period Management Service Truck (get it?) this week and bring your unused feminine products as a donation to Take Charge. Period. If nothing else, you may finally be able to get that one traumatic period story off your chest over a cocktail called “Bloody Marvelous,” and that’s a beautiful thing.