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Where to Take a 30-Minute HIIT Class in Dallas

Half-hour workouts are finally all over town.  

HIIT classes are supposed to be fast, right? If you went on Google or Pinterest right now, and searched “HIIT Workout,” you’d find a slew of high-intensity routines clocking in at around 20 or 30 minutes. And yet, boutique studios tend to blend the activity into a 50-minute situation, throwing in a treadmill or Vinyasa flow to keep us moving.

And that can be great! An hour at Beyond500 of Vital Fitness Studio’s V3 is an excellent way to burn holiday calories and a genuinely good time. But when your schedule is tight or your attention span is short, who can you trust to get you in-and-out in a timely fashion?

As the 30-minute workout continues to gain popularity (with proven results), more and more Dallas studios have added the quick class to their lineup. Here, we’ve collected a three excellent HIIT local options guaranteed to have the run-time of a Will & Grace episode.


Exhale’s HIIT 30

Introduced in November, this weekly offering arms its students with a yoga mat, multiple hand weights, and an exercise ball. The zen-like surroundings and relatively simple initial moves may fool you into thinking the class will be a breeze, but things really ramp up once you hit song number two.


City Crew’s City Circuits

The newly opened Lakewood studio — sister to City Surf — offers a killer 30-minute class. Participants alternate between different stations, which include fancy rowing machines (naturally) and weights for a focus on abs and arms.


Grit by Brit’s Grit HIIT

Brittani Rettig’s Dallas-based studio blessedly offers three 30-minute classes, one of which takes you through a through a Tabata-style interval circuit with a medicine ball. Stop by her Design District flagship or new SMU studio to get the quick workout in.