Aesop on Knox Street, courtesy of Aesop


5 Dallasites Share Their Aesop Obsessions

The mouthwash is particularly beloved.

People have feelings about Aesop. The Australian brand made its Texas debut this summer, opening two stores (in the Knox District and Bishop Arts) back-to-back with a third in the works at NorthPark, but most Dallasites were already well acquainted with their array of unisex bodycare products.

Though the brand shuns traditional advertising, Aesop has developed an almost cult-like following since it launched in the 1980s. Their meticulously designed stores (no space looks the same) have likely played a factor, along with the fuss-free, uniform packaging, and Aesop’s refreshing refusal to chase trends (you won’t find any charcoal-infused products on their shelves). But the infatuation often extends beyond the brand to something more specific.

No less than three people I brought up Aesop to since this summer have divulged their passion for a particular product. Here, we rounded up a few so you can share in the love.