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Barry’s Bootcamp is Coming to Dallas

The original interval workout is finally making its way to Texas.
By Caitlin Clark |

A few years ago, my sister and I took a class at Barry’s Bootcamp in Nashville when we came home for the holidays. At the time, my only knowledge of Barry’s was through celebrities such as Victoria Beckham touting their love for their strength and cardio interval classes, and the only other locations I was aware of were in California or New York. It felt like a big deal.

It was also hard. Like, really hard. But, much like SoulCycle, there is a certain cachet to the studio that made me want to come back for more. Also, the music was great, the dim lighting was ideal, and the instructor was a total babe. (Sorry for objectifying you, bro.)

Since then, I’ve patiently waited for Barry’s Bootcamp, which has been around for almost two decades, to arrive in Dallas, although I had begun to lose hope. In the year’s since I took that class, countless boutique studios have cropped up in Dallas, SoulCycle opened two studios, and even Tracy Anderson graced us with her presence. Wherefore art thou, Barry?

Turns out, the good people of Barry’s heard my plea, and some pleas from Sweden too. Barry’s Bootcamp is expanding globally to five new cities, including Atlanta, DC, Toronto, Stockholm, and a Dallas location at 3600 McKinney Avenue.

So, in just a few short months, West Village will be home to two of the most recognizable names in boutique fitness: SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp. Plan your activewear and budget accordingly, Uptown.

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