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The 10 Wildest Wellness Products We Want to Try at the Goop Pop-Up

They’re not All Easy, but they’re probably All Good.

With a name like Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand was always going to be a little out there. But maybe you (like me) are kind of into it. Maybe you’ve seriously contemplated buying a ticket to the brand’s first ever “wellness summit,” In Goop Health, because despite the incredibly lazy pun, you’re all in on the “Foam Rolling Physique” and have to know what a flower remedy station looks like. (Want to go together!?)

But even if you’re on the Goop-covered fence, you should still pay a visit to NorthParks latest Nordstrom pop-up, partially because it’s nestled between the shoe and makeup departments so you know you’ll find yourself there eventually, but mostly because this might be the closest thing to stepping inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s carefully curated brain.

If you do need a few more reasons, we’ve rounded up some of the wildest wellness products we’re dying to try. Get Goopy with us.