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Texas Indie Beauty Spotlight: Camille Coton

Indie Beauty Expo unites brand owners, beauty lovers, and retail buyers in Dallas for three days.
By Emily Esleck |

For the first time, the Indie Beauty Expo is heading to Dallas. Co-founded by 15-year esthetician Jillian Wright, and professional entrepreneur Nader Naeymi-Rad, the event aims to put the spotlight on independent brand owners in the beauty and wellness industry. Though the event is an opportunity for buyers to learn more about the brands, all beauty lovers are invited to shop the expo on Wednesday, May 10, at Sixty Five Hundred from 5-9pm.

indie beauty
Lisa Cohorn (left) at CMA Fest in 2015, courtesy of Facebook.

We chatted with one of Dallas’ own, Lisa Cohorn, founder of Camille Coton, about how she heard of the Indie Beauty Expo, what she learned from working with big industry names such as Estée Lauder, Mary Kay, and Clinique, and her advice for starting your own company.


How did you get involved with Indie Beauty Expo?

They reached out to me, but I found them right before they did the New York show. I thought about doing the LA show, but then when I heard they were doing Dallas I said, ‘I’m a Dallas, Texas, girl. I may have to do that one first.’

Because I come from the corporate world, I know how important it is to have an organization like the Indie Beauty Expo to help you get the word out in such a crowded space.


Why did you start Camille Coton, and, specifically, what inspired you to create a microdermabrasion cream?

Everyone is on the quest to look as young as they possibly can. My aunt actually went in for face lifts, a nose reconstruction. She wanted to look and feel better. And, of course, to me she was beautiful. Unfortunately, after the surgery she stopped breathing long enough that she had brain damage and ultimately passed away in the night. So it was kind of one of those unfortunate life lessons.

From then I decided that since I’m in the industry, I’m going to do my best to find something that really works. If I can find anything that could help somebody feel better about themselves and how they look, I felt like that could be my purpose.


When did your company launch?

About four years ago. I was really having a hard time finding a way to exfoliate my skin. I’ve tried some microdermabrasion; I’ve tried ­­­­some peels. Everything that I was doing—I’ve even used Clarisonic— was really irritating. They all had acids, crystals, or sand to try to get that dead layer of skin off. The Soft Microdermabrasion C­ream is unique. It works on the skin without any microbeads.


How did you come up with your patented formula?

I grew up on a cotton farm in West Texas, and I went back to something that my mom and my grandmother used: just a really wonderful blend of cotton extracts and oils. I found that if I kept it as a cream, it would actually exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin without all of that extra stuff.


What advice do you have for someone wanting to start their own business?

Stay true to your gut. This idea, whatever need you’re trying to fulfill, it was put in your heart for a reason. Search for people that are willing to help you or mentor you. I would just say, ‘Stay the course, and stay focused as best you can.’

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