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How to De-Stress With Yoga, No Matter Where You Are

Whether you're trapped in the office or your car, CorePower Yoga’s Jay Burckhardt can keep you calm.

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Jay Burckhardt

We’ve long acknowledged yoga’s superpowers in the fight against stress, but as we continue to forge our way into a new year, with its fresh assemblage of stress-inducing situations, we wanted to dig a little deeper. Thankfully, CorePower Yoga’s area leader Jay Burckhardt offered to enlighten us a little, and offer a few helpful poses for the days when you just can’t make it to the mat.

How did you end up working at CorePower?

It happened by chance! I was very active, playing sports and personal training multiple times a week. A trainer was improperly working me out, and I ended up with a spinal herniation. My doctors said I was going to be out of commission for almost a year and possibly require surgery. I refused to believe this was my path and decided to take my first class at CorePower Yoga. I could only finish 10 minutes of the class, but the teacher inspired me with her words. I walked out of class and signed up for Teacher Training.

What do you think it is specifically about yoga that helps people to destress? 

Our minds are constantly being bombarded by input that takes our time and distracts us from ourselves. By providing an opportunity for internal focus and concentrate on the mind/body connection, yoga gives you time back to yourself. There is nothing better than a final savasana to reset your mind, body, and focus to jumpstart your day.

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What positions should people master in order to do a quick de-stress at home?

When I am at home and feeling overwhelmed, there is nothing better than a quick child’s pose or downward facing dog. Child’s pose first provides some grounding to soften the eyes and open the hips. Then, downward facing dog is a centering pose, providing length along the back line of the body, opening your heart, and providing some calming breaths with your head below your heart. A few long breaths in both these postures can really rejuvenate you if you’re feeling stressed!

Sometimes people need to de-stress on the fly. Are there any yoga practices that can be done while sitting at your desk, or even in your car?

When I find myself stuck in a seat for a while, a few cat/cow movements of the upper body can do wonders. Open your heart forward and pull your shoulders back and looking up to the sky take a big breath in. Then cat pose curl and round your spine, draw your shoulders together and down and bring your forehead toward your lap. A few rounds of this and then a few side bends to stretch your side body can really reset yourself.

Do you have any tips for newbie yogis?

Beginners should be looking for something similar to a CorePower Yoga C1, where you have the opportunity to explore the postures and fundamental principles of vinyasa flow. These classes are unheated and have no added humidity. If you are already accustomed to heated classes, Hot Power Fusion is also a great one for beginners.

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Nothing inspires a workout like a new outfit, and Dallas has so many great places to find workout gear. What are some of your favorite shops or brands to stock up on for yoga class?

One of the best parts of working for CorePower Yoga is showing up to work in workout gear!  Some of my favorites that we sell in-studio are lululemon’s Pace-Breaker Shorts and Metal Vent Tech shirts/tanks with Silverescent® technology to keep me smelling fresh. For casual living, I love the edgy styles of Spiritual Gangster shirts and tanks.


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