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How the Uptown SoulCycle Differs from Preston Hollow

Though these variances be but little, they are fierce.

When Texas-based Zyn22 opened their second Dallas location in Uptown, the differences were easy to spot. They launched a new workout series, Barre22, in a second studio, the bikes had more bells and whistles, and the locker room lost some serious square footage.

So when SoulCycle opened their second Dallas location (also in Uptown), we expected to see similar modifications. We did not! But we did experience some noteworthy shifts after attending a few classes. Here’s what you need to know.


  1. Book Your Classes Early

You may have gotten away with dropping in at the Preston Hollow location, but the young professionals/empty nesters of Uptown mean business. Classes have been packed since the studio opened last month, which could be attributed to some New Year’s resolutions, but it’s likelier due to West Village’s high traffic and knack for attracting SoulCycle-obsessed millennials.


  1. You’re More Likely to Spot Familiar Faces

Several former Bachelor/Bachelorette alums were spotted tapping it back at classes last week, including JoJoJo and Lesley Murphy, a fan favorite from Dallasite Sean Lowe’s season. No Sean/Catherine sightings at either studio as of yet, but we do feel like Chris Harrison would be more of a Preston Hollow guy.


  1. There’s More Parking

The parking at West Village may be a bit of a hassle during certain hours, but you will eventually find a spot close to the studio.


  1. More Hayes

There are no bad instructors at SoulCycle, but—at this point at least—you’re a bit more likely to find Hayes (no need for a last name) at Uptown. And if you’ve yet to experience the euphoria of being in that lanky, charismatic man’s presence, just go ahead and make that a top priority in 2017.


Of course, whether your tank is emblazoned with UPTN or PRST, your workout will be a solid cardio- and music-filled experience worthy of a post-workout Instagram.