Get to Know Popular Dallas Instructor Cristin Caulfield

From choreographing Britney to having dinner with Charles Barkley, this fitness pro has a remarkable resume.

One class is all it takes to get addicted to Cristin Caulfield’s high-energy teaching style. From spin classes at ZYN22 to her newly opened BARRE22 program in Uptown, booking her time in the studio all but guarantees a killer workout. We chatted with the bubbly, Dallas-bred instructor to find out more about her noteworthy resume, and get all the details we could about her time with Britney Spears.


When you look back, where do you think your fitness journey really began?

I have been very active my whole life with gymnastics, dance and just about every other sport.  I think my love for fitness really began when I moved out to Los Angeles back in 2003. I became obsessed with hiking, Barry’s Bootcamp and spinning at a place called Body and Soul and it kind of steamrolled from there.


I know you are a Highland Park alum and was a Belle during your time there. Did that experience shape anything about your career?

Oh it absolutely did! Being on a team like that teaches you discipline, accountability, and how to be a good teammate. All things that are so important in my field. You can be the most amazing instructor out there but if you don’t work hard or are not a team player it is bad for the business as a whole.


You’ve done stints as a Dallas Mavs dancer and choreographer. Did you have a favorite memory from your time on the court? 

There are so many amazing memories from my time with the Mavs. My favorite was probably going to Mexico City for an exhibition game. We had dinner at the Ambassador’s House that night and I sat at a table with Charles Barkley.  He made us all laugh until it hurt!


I read that you danced at the opening of the Tangerine Club in Las Vegas with Carmen Electra. What was the craziest part of that experience?

The loudest crowd ever!


You’ve also worked as assistant choreographer on tours for Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani.

Yes, my amazing and super talented friend Roger Lee invited me to work with him on a few numbers for these tours, so I give him full credit for my involvement!

So I need to know… 

  1. Which tours? and what songs were your favorite to choreograph? With Britney it was the Onyx Hotel Tour and my favorite song we choreographed was “The Hook Up.” For Gwen, we choreographed a piece to “Bubble Pop Electric” for her dancers that was so much fun. That tour was the Harajuku Lovers Tour.
  2.     Anything else you could possibly want to share because I’d be dying to know. First off the dancers in Los Angeles are just next level amazing! I was blown away by them. Second, Britney is just tiny and super quiet and sweet. She was so easy to work with.


How did you end up as an instructor at ZYN22?

Well, I went on a little adventure last December to Australia and ended up back in Dallas much quicker than I had planned. I got a call from ZYN22, had a meeting with them the next week, and the rest is history! It’s funny how you just end up exactly where you are supposed to be sometimes. I am thrilled to be a part of this team!


You developed the barre program there. Tell me a little bit more about the process and what you love most about the new Barre22 series. 

I was a spin and barre instructor for years before joining ZYN22 so I really found my sweet spot for teaching during that time.  In addition to that, I took a bunch of classes around town, looking into what my favorite dance and fitness instructors were up to online and notes….pages and pages of notes. I tested my ideas with my sister (shout out to Courtney) to see what felt best and my plan just came together.  What I love the most is that our instructors have lots of freedom in how they sequence the class as well as their playlists, that way the class is always unique. You leave really feeling accomplished and see changes quickly.


Your nickname, Lil Crispy, is my favorite thing. How did that come to be? 

Haha. Well basically Lil Crispy is my rap name. If you have ever been to my cycling or Barre22 class you know that I love rap and know all the words. I used to work at The Gypsy Wagon where everyone started calling me that and it just stuck.


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