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Workout of the Week: Week 9

Build on previous weeks' work by increasing intensity.

We are inches away from the conclusion of our 10-week Workout of the Week series, which has added intensity and challenges each week. Seamus Dooley from Equinox Highland Park has led us through this series. Stick with his as we enter the home stretch.


World’s Greatest Stretch From Elbow

We are no stranger to the World’s Greatest Stretch. We’ve implemented versions of this stretch throughout the past several weeks. Dooley has had us revisiting the stretch as a way to measure our improved mobility. This is about creating space in the front of your hip and gaining mobility through your chest and shoulders. If you are not able to get down to your elbow, don’t strain yourself. Just keep working at it, and notice the stretch getting deeper with each repetition.


Pushup Hold With Hip Abduction/Adduction

We’ve familiarized ourselves with the pushup plank. Now, we add a prop into the mix. You can use sliders or even towels for the gliding movement. Place your feet on the sliders or towels, while maintaining the top of the pushup position. Keep your legs straight while driving your feet away from each other. Also, keep your back straight, and don’t let your hips dip. And, of course, engage your core throughout the entire movement.

Workout of the Week_Week 9_1

Workout of the Week_Week 9_2

Workout of the Week_Week 9_3

Workout of the Week_Week 9_4

Lower Body

Squat Jumps With Hip Abduction/Adduction

You’ll remember our squat jumps from Week 8. This week, we are progressing them to target our inner and outer thighs. Similar to Week Eight, Dooley says to jump with as much force as you can. But this time, as you are in the air, aim to drive your knees a part from each other and then land in the same position you started.

Workout of the Week_Week 9_5

Workout of the Week_Week 9_6

Workout of the Week_Week 9_7


Upper Body

Pushup With Knee Drive to Opposite Elbows

At this point, we have mastered the pushup. Now that mastery has taken place, Dooley wants to increase complexity. He adds an element that engages the core and hips, while executing the pushup, keeping the feet together. Drive your knees to your elbows and bring them across your body. Dooley says an added benefit is this involves the core as well. You’ll feel it instantly.

Workout of the Week_Week 9_8

Workout of the Week_Week 9_9

Workout of the Week_Week 9_10


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