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Workout of the Week: Week 5

Build on the previous weeks' work as we reach the series mid point.

We have hit the halfway point in our Workout of the Week series. This moment is pivotal in any workout regime, as it solidifies commitment and drawing nearer to completion. Equinox Highland Park‘s Seamus Dooley will continue guiding us as we move through Week 5.


Prone Contralateral Limb Touch

This is an ideal stretch for hip mobility and shoulder stability. In previous weeks, hip mobility focused on the anterior portion (front of the hip). This week focuses on the anterior portion (back of the hip). Dooley suggests keeping your legs as straight as possible to get a good stretch in your hamstrings and calves. Keep your hips tucked like in a plank; this will keep the core tight. Take your time and feel yourself stretching in this movement, Dooley says. Move slowly allowing the tissue time to adapt and release.





Side Plank With Leg Abduction

In previous weeks, we introduced the side plank. Now the time has come to take it to the next level. Hold that side plank, but add to it by lifting the top leg. When lifting the leg, it’s important to keep it as straight as possible without locking out the knee. It may be helpful to attempt this move for the first time by holding the side of a table or bench and before progressing. Breathe out as you lift the leg, and slowly lower it while you breathe in, Dooley says. Shaking may naturally occur as your body is trying to balance in this posture.


Lower Body

Dynamic/Loaded Reverse Lunges

We learned the reverse lunge in Week One. That was solely focused on body weight. This week, we offer two new options for the pattern, making the movement more explosive. Think of this as a jumping lunge. This will add a great deal of complexity and require coordination. You must only try this if you can maintain the form we learned in Week One. If you would like to try something different, stay with the same timing from Week One but now add more weight instead of only your body weight. Hold a dumbbell or kettle bell in your hand and load the movement.

Lower Body

Upper Body


We knew the burpee was inevitable, and here it is. To start your burpee, reach down toward the ground about a foot in front of your feet and then kick your legs back so that you end up at the top of a push-up position. Slowly lower yourself down until your chest hits the ground. Quickly push yourself back up to a finished push-up position. Then, fluidly jump your feet back to within a foot of your hand and jump up while straightening your body and clapping your hands above your head. You will feel this exercise all over your body, but especially in the chest and shoulders. Dooley says this will get your heart rate going and the sweat will start to pour, so don’t hold your breath. After completing several burpees, see how many you can do in one minute.

Upper Body_3

Upper Body_2

Upper Body_1