Dallas instructors' share their favorite workout playlists. iStock photo.

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Dallas Fitness Studios Share Your Favorite Class Playlists

We have suggestions for your workout's soundtrack.

Nothing ruins a downward dog or surfer push up quite like an offbeat tempo. A good playlist can make or break a workout experience, and leave you clambering to recreate the killer lineup for your next solo trip to the gym. Clamber not, motivational melody-lovers. Here, we’ve done all the heavy lifting, and collected magnificent Spotify mixes from your favorite local classes. Rock on.



Abby Effron, SOUL Preston Hollow instructor 

ABBY-LARGE - SoulCycle



Preston Hollow Playlist


City Surf Fitness

Lauren McHenry, head trainer

Lauren McHenry - City Surf


Core Fusion at Exhale Dallas

Top songs for Mind Body manager and Core Fusion teacher Kristen Hoffman.

Kim Kiernan Exhale


Beyond Fitness

Top picks for PilatesREMIX classes at the Lovers Lane location chosen by instructors Becca Conner and Kristin Krenzer.

Beoynd 2


The Barre Code

Playlist by Master Trainer Julie Matusz, pictured here in white leading her Brawl kickboxing class. 

barre code


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