Photo courtesy of My House Fitness


Class Review: SupraMax SMIT

This 45-minute workout will leave you both sore and satisfied.

The Class: SupraMax SMIT at My House Fitness in Allen. I went into this interval-training class expecting it to be like an Insanity video. Over a span of 45 minutes, participants do 35 different exercises for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest between each exercise. SupraMax SMIT uses two types of weights and resistance bands that build strength and burn calories. Also, the instructor isn’t screaming at you like Shaun T, but your muscles certainly are.

The Appeal: This is the class for people who want to see results and are prepared to work hard for them. Supramaximal interval training is difficult but proven to provide optimal weight loss. (You can burn 600-800 calories in one class.) Despite the intensity of the workout, the atmosphere of the class was fun and relaxed.

The Instructor: Alan Orozco has been in the training game for 18 years, and it showed. He demonstrated the exercises, and even though he didn’t do them full out with us for the entire session, he continuously encouraged the class and managed to keep me laughing through the pain.

Who’s There: There were 10 people in the class, myself included, with a mix of genders, fitness abilities, and ages ranging from 15 to 66. Believe me, there’s nothing like a 66-year-old woman kicking butt during a workout to keep you going.

How It Went: We began the class with a warm up to Moby’s “Bring Sally Up” where you squat down while holding out weights to the lyrics “Bring Sally down” and then rise up as the song says “Bring Sally up.” This created a good burn right from the start, and set the tone of the class. The rest of the time alternated between 30-second workouts that used weights or resistance bands and mat work. We rested for 10 seconds in between, which usually consisted of me trying to blink away the stars or keep down my cookies. We ended the same way we started—with “Bring Sally Up”—but this time we didn’t have to use weights. Thank goodness. For a cool down, we finished on the mat working our abs.

Believe me, there’s nothing like a 66-year-old woman kicking butt during a workout to keep you going.

The Aftermath: I felt relief, met with pride, that I survived. Alan went around the room offering a hand to help us off our mats, which was necessary because I’m honestly not sure how long it would’ve taken me to get off the ground at that point.

Loved: I felt incredible 30 minutes after the class. I was singing to music in my car, and I had so much energy that I spent the rest of my evening being uncharacteristically productive rather than lying in bed watching Netflix.

Hated: Myself for eating dinner before I took the class. I’ll spare the details, but high-intensity workouts tend to shake up the stomach.

Difficulty Level: This is the type of class that will always be difficult–regardless of your skill level. If it’s getting easy, you up the ante with heavier weights and tighter resistance bands. In the same respect, you can lower the workout’s intensity by reducing weights or slowing down and focusing on form rather than speed. As someone with weaker arm muscles, it definitely pushed me past my limits and left me sore. But rather than feeling discouraged, it made me want to get stronger.

Bottom Line: Your age or ability does not matter. If you want an intense, full-body workout that will leave you both sore and satisfied, give SupraMax SMIT a try.