Photo courtesy of The Ride House

Meet the Instructor: Jasmine Kwon Zutter

The Ride House instructor talks about the importance of self-love, indoor cycling, and her favorite thing to do outside. (Hint: Mimosas are involved.)

“Meet the Instructor” is a bi-weekly series where we take you inside Dallas-based studios and gyms for an introduction to the men and women who lead some of the city’s most talked-about classes. 

Known for creating awesome playlists and giving killer, sweat-inducing workouts, Jasmine Kwon Zutter is the energetic studio director and lead instructor at indoor-cycling studio The Ride House. She’ll have you smiling just as much as you’re cringing from the numerous out-of-the-saddle sprints. As an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica’s NorthPark Center location, she’s passionate about fitness and her community.

How did you get into indoor cycling?

I fell in love with it during my time living in New York City. There’s something amazing about going into a room with complete strangers from a huge city and getting lost in the music, the inspiration, and the ride.

It’s fruitless to compare yourself to anyone else!

Why is indoor cycling important to you?

I love that the dark room and loud music provides anonymity for every single rider, no matter what fitness level. It is truly a workout where the rider can control the difficulty of the ride and gauge progress from class to class. I also love that the music and fun choreography take you away from the heart-pumping cardio you’re getting.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is all about balance in the mind and body. It’s important to be aware when something is off so I can be proactive about improving it. Self-love is also a really big part of wellness. It’s fruitless to compare yourself to anyone else!

When you’re not at The Ride House, you can be found sweating at …

The Pilates Barre and Beyond500. Pilates and yoga are such a great balance to what I do on the bike. I try to get to class as often as I can.

Favorite cheat meal?

The lamb shank and a big glass of red wine from Lark on the Park. John [my husband] and I go there at least once a week.

Favorite local outdoor activity? 

Does brunching count?