Fitness Class Review: TRX Hybrid Ride

This class offers a one-two punch of cardio and strength training.

The Class: TRX Hybrid Ride at The Ride House

The Appeal: This 12-person class combines 25 minutes of spin with 20 minutes of strength training on the TRX suspension straps.

Photos courtesy of The Ride House. Instructor Allen Pursley's high energy motivates the class.

The Instructor:  Allen Pursley is a high-energy senior instructor who’s all pep. He cheered encouragement and instruction from his deejay booth/bike station at the head of the class, only taking breaks to hop off his bike to dance and cheer us on.

The Space: The studio makes great use of a small area. The welcome desk/retail stop near the door opens up to the TRX area. The holding room boasts a wall of complimentary lockers, a water fountain complete with a bottle-filling station, changing rooms, restrooms, and showers. The spin room holds three rows of white stationary bikes facing a single green bike and a large mirrored wall lit up by a grid of multi-colored bulbs that dim, flash, and change color to the beat of the music throughout the class.

Who’s There: There was an even mix of men and women varying in age and skill level.

Within the studio, bikes face a mirrored wall.

How It Went: Since there were only 12 of us, we each took a spot on the front row facing the mirrored wall, and for the next 25 minutes, our behinds barely touched the seats. The overhead light dimmed and the grid of bulbs on the mirror turned purple as the speakers began to play club mixes of recent pop songs (Busta Rhymes, Taylor Swift, Jessie J, etc.). We sped up and shifted back and forth, targeting our abs along with our lower bodies as Allen encouraged us to steadily crank up our resistance settings.

The TRX routine moved through bicep curls, tricep presses, and some core work to round out our full-body workout. Because we were all packed so closely together, there was some initial confusion since. But we quickly found our places and rhythm. By the end, we were so exhausted we laughed and counted down our last reps aloud. The session ended with high fives all around.

The Aftermath: I left exhilarated and woke up achy the next morning. But I was completely SORE the following day.

Loved: Breaking the class into two sections makes time fly. By the time I was worn out by the spin portion, we’d moved on to the TRX series. Before I knew it, class was over!  

Hated: If you cherish your personal space, the TRX space might be too snuggly for you.

Cost: Your first two classes are free, but after that, they are $25 per session. Packages range from $120 for five classes to $400 for 20. If you’re ready to commit, your most economical options are the three- or 12-month unlimited packages at $195/month or $1,995/year.

Difficulty Level:  All activity was low-impact and easily modified to suit each person’s skill set. This class is suitable for almost anyone.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a one-two punch of cardio and strength training, this fun class is for you.