Sponsored: A Quick, Calorie Burning Workout with Mark

We all have busy schedules, meetings or phone calls that pop up at the last moment. Or maybe traffic keeps us from making it to that new class we wanted to try. Life happens, but our physical health doesn’t have to suffer because of it.  Got 6 feet of space and 30 minutes? Good, lets get busy!

I am lucky enough to train an amazing group of D magazine employees every Thursday evening. Fifteen people spread out in a conference room that can’t be more than 700sq feet and for 30 minutes, I manipulate their bodies into positions that challenge multiple muscle groups, elevate heart rate, and burn a ton of calories – no equipment required! You can do the same at home. Below is a sample of the routine the team just completed; I call it the Shredded by Mark Bodyweight Challenge.


Warm up:

Jumping jacks (40 seconds)

Skaters (40 seconds)

Butt Kicks (40 seconds)

Squats (40 seconds)

Static Squat with a torso twist (40 seconds)



Push-ups (x15)

High Knees (20 seconds)


Superman (x15)

Mountain Climbers (20 seconds)


Squats with arms held parallel to the ground (x 15)

Burpees (20 seconds)


Floor Triceps Dips (x15)

Squat jumps (20 seconds)


Bridge hip thrusts (x 15)

Boat Pose (20 seconds)


Wall squats for a 1-minute hold (this is your resting position between circuits)


Repeat the workout at least three times, then STRETCH!


Trust me, this will leave you breathless, energized, and recharged!

Problem staying motivated or pushing yourself through the workout?

Check out www.sweatdallas.com or www.shreddedbymark.com to find out more about personal training. Prefer a large group fitness setting? Join me at www.flywheeltexas.com/markshipman for a cycling experience you won’t forget!