The World Cup Mix

Some international flavor to help you reach your fitness goal.

Whether you’re a big music geek or a well-studied soccer fan, you’re probably aware that the history of the official FIFA World Cup song leaves something to be desired. Just have a listen to Lonnie Donnegan’s 1966 disaster, “World Cup Willie,” if you don’t believe me.

Fortunately, many of the recently qualifying countries have rich musical heritages that have little to do with soccer. Since the games have such a seductive way of drawing in even the most casual or non-fans, perhaps you’ve found yourself enthralled by a match when you had zero interest in the sport previously. Seeing such a gifted selection of the most elite athletes on earth might make you feel a little guilty about the last time you hit the gym, so we at Be Well Dallas have just the thing for you: A playlist featuring some of the better upbeat musical moments of the international patchwork of World Cup participants.

From the horn-heavy sounds of a Lagos disco to Switzerland’s icy new wave, this is a mix that should make the host nations proud, minus the cheesiness of FIFA’s usual musical programming.