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This week I’m answering one of my most frequently asked questions.

My clients often wonder if there is an ideal time of day to workout. Will getting up at 5:00 AM help me burn more calories? If I work out before bed, will I be able to get a good night’s rest?

The truth is you should exercise when you know you will have the most energy to bring to your work out. If you have no energy in the morning, don’t drag yourself out of bed and waste your time. If at lunch you feel your most active and have the 30-45 minutes to spend at the gym, go for it! Some people are night owls and truly come alive when the workday is done, the kids have been fed and all is quiet in the house. If that describes you best, then evening is your time for exercise.

The trick is to find a time that allows you to give 100% to your health and fitness goals so your time is not wasted. Try a few different routines until you know what suits you best.

I prefer to work out mid-morning or afternoon because these are the times I feel the strongest and I know I will not be interrupted.  I make sure to eat a good breakfast and have a healthy snack before going (I will talk more about nutrition next week). Also, if I wait too late in the day it is easy for me to make excuses and skip my workouts. If I wait to late at night, I get way too much energy and know I will be up at least an extra 2 hours winding down. I can’t afford that as my days start around 5:30am everyday.

Bottom line: Listen to your body and work with it, not against it. Do this and you will find you are far more successful at achieving the goals you’re reaching for….that goes for the gym and in every other situation in life!

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