Season 52's lemon curd topped with blueberries. photo by Kimberly Duffy

Dine Healthy: Seasons 52

A recommendation for eating well, and (relatively) guilt-free, at one of the city's best restaurants.

Seasons 52 makes it easy to eat healthy. They take the guesswork out of calorie counting. None of the appetizers, entrees, sides, or salads are over 475 calories. To put that in perspective, there are 1,240 calories in a 16-ounce steak at Texas Roadhouse. For many folks, that is the daily recommended allowance! And that certainly doesn’t leave room for dessert.

This restaurant specializes in mini-indulgence dessert. You can lick the bottom of the bowl filled with a decadent chocolate peanut butter torte or lemon curd topped with blueberries without worrying about your waistline or your cholesterol count.