Becoming Sunstone Fit

When I began this journey with Sunstone, I thought I was going to only attend yoga classes and write about the mental and physical transformational experiences that occurred from taking yoga consecutively for six weeks. I did take Sunstone’s yoga classes, yes, but was also introduced to Sunstone’s fitness classes, such as Metal, Core, and Sweat.

I was intimidated at first to try these classes—definitely out of my comfort zone. But then again, before trying my first yoga class, so was yoga. What I learned—and think you will, too—is that you lose any intimidation or hesitation about group fitness classes the minute you enter a Sunstone location. At my first Sweat class, the instructor was teaching it for the first time and let me know we’re in it together. During Metal, the instructor introduced me to another student who was trying hot Pilates for the first time. I always felt welcomed and encouraged by the instructors and my fellow students. There were moments in the fitness classes where I had to pause to catch my breath. There were moments in Spark and Fire yoga classes where I had to pause to learn a posture. And it was OK…every time.

And every time I got better…stronger. At first, I just wanted to try yoga classes to find out what all of the hype is about. But as I moved further along in Sunstone’s varied class offerings, I realized that trying all of the classes has helped me design a fitness plan that is right for my own needs. I know that if I only take yoga, I might not push myself hard enough in class. I also know that if I only take Core or Sweat classes, I’ll make excuses to skip a day or more simply because after a long day of work, they might seem too hard. What I’ve found with Sunstone is a balanced fitness schedule that works just for me. I need a consistent mixture of both types of classes. I suspect everyone in each Sunstone class has a different version of how they like to line up and schedule their classes based on what works for them, too. And that’s the beauty of Sunstone—the different class choices that start and end with the same goal of creating a stronger mind and body.

I thought I’d never be a yoga, or even a fitness, person. Turns out I’m more of one that I ever thought, and as I write this, I’m anxiously awaiting the one full hour of doing something solely for myself tonight with a Fire class. I’ve also noticed subtle changes in my lifestyle habits since beginning classes with Sunstone. I’ve been eating healthier and working in evening or morning walks in-between going to classes. One reason is because I don’t want to undo all of the hard work I’ve put into this. Another reason is because once you embark on a fitness journey with Sunstone, you’ll leave each class feeling a little lighter and more energized. A healthy diet goes right along with this overall feeling you won’t want to lose.

Like any new fitness program, it’s easy to feel like quitting when it doesn’t seem like “you’re doing it right,” or worse, when the couch and a good reality television show are calling your name. I have faced those temptations every week, and with a full-time job and two daughters to raise, I have also battled the “not enough time to exercise” excuse. Fight through the obstacles, because you’ll see and feel results. With so many locations and class offerings, Sunstone makes it easy to catch a class every day of the week.

I had driven by the Sunstone location nearest to my house for almost a year, always thinking I needed to stop in and ask questions about how to start a program. If you’ve done the same, pull over next time and talk to an instructor. Your questions will be answered, and you’ll see how easy it is to take the first step to improving your health. When you find an extra hour in your day, all you have to do is visit to learn to find out what classes are taking place next near you.

Take it from a “reformed couch potato,” it’s worth it.

Visit to learn more about the classes and register. There are eight class series in 10 of the 11 locations throughout Dallas-Fort Worth. Join in the fun to “Find Your Edge” by taking and posting your #SweatySelfies after class, not only as an accountability tool, but in celebration of making your fitness goal of the day. Follow Sunstone on Twitter at @SunstoneFIT or on Facebook at Facebook/sunstoneyoga.

Sunstone Yoga once again was named Best of Big D for yoga classes by D Magazine.