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Hello Big D! Welcome to your summer series of health/fitness focused posts from Shredded by Mark aka Mark Shipman.  I wanted to start by introducing myself and telling you a little about myself. Let’s get to know each other!

My journey into fitness started when I was much younger growing up in Lubbock, Texas. I was a gymnast long before I could even really walk. I pursued gymnastics through high school until I decided cheerleading was what I really wanted to do. I was part of the cheer squad for Lubbock High School for three years and competed one summer to become a National Cheerleading Association All American Cheerleader. I didn’t win, but what an honor it was to be selected to compete!

I continued pursuing fitness as a program of study in college. I also decided I needed to understand the “why” behind our decision-making and added psychology to my studies. After graduating from University of North Texas with a degree in Recreation and Leisure Services and a minor in Psychology, I assisted in running fitness oriented after school programs as well as summer camps for the city of Denton. Leaving Denton, I became a fitness program manager for Plano. Here is where the story totally changes…. I decided to leave fitness and pursue a career in make-up artistry. Yep, you read that correctly. I began as an artist for MAC Cosmetics and ended up leaving the company as a Senior Trainer. MAC presented me with amazing adventures working backstage at New York Fashion Week and many other experiences with celebrities. Ready for more? I then became a Regional Education Manager for Aveda. I am extremely grateful for the experiences I had from both MAC and Aveda, but what I really learned was how to stand up and train people in a completely different manner as well as perform under enormous pressure. So let’s get back to fitness, shall we?

In 2010 I prepared for what would change my life forever. I began training to meet my idol and now mentor Jillian Michaels. Long story short, I went on her Wellness Cruise and was chose to be trained by her in front of over 200 people. This began an amazing friendship! This is also the year I renewed my personal training certification and actively started training multiple clients. Fast forward to today…ready?

I am now a Lead Instructor for Flywheel Sports, a Master Trainer for Jillian Michaels BodyShred, a personal trainer at Sweat gym, owner of Shredded by Mark Training, a corporate trainer for D magazine and now a blogger!

I’ll finish this up with what has developed as my philosophy on fitness and life. I speak this from 100% experience. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT. When I am training someone it isn’t just to make them physically strong, that is a by-product. What I really want them to discover is how strong they are, take that strength out into the world and be the person they are completely capable of being! Let go of the excuses, the negative voice in their head and make the decision to be their best! That is what Shredded by Mark is all about! Ready for a great summer? Stay tuned…more to come!

Shredded by Mark