Ensuring that your weight is back on your heels and your back is flat with your shoulders higher than your hips, perform a squat jump, focusing on absorbing the impact of your landing by immediately descending into your next burpee. Think about landing softly and quietly. Repeat.

5 Exercises to Get You Swimsuit Ready

These moves will help you head to the pool with confidence.

Mason Murphy, divisional vice president at fitness boot camp program Camp Gladiator, has an incredible memory. Whether it’s been weeks or months, he’ll remember your name (and the last time you attended camp). He also happens to be a great fitness instructor who has trained literally thousands of people in the past 10 years.

We asked Murphy for help. It’s swimsuit season, and some of us are a bit hesitant about breaking out the bikini. So we asked him to give us five moves that will get us out of the house and into the pool with confidence. Here are his picks (as demonstrated by Camp Gladiator trainers Brandon Hall and Morgan Reimann).