What Dirk Nowitzki Eats For Breakfast

The Dallas Mavericks star on how he stays in shape even in the offseason.

Want to be like Dirk? I know I do. I’ve been working on my fadeaway jumper for years now (and I know I’m not the only one). Well, we have the scoop on what Dallas’ favorite athlete eats for breakfast, his year-round workout routine and his favorite tunes.

We can’t guarantee that following his lead will have you flying through the key and draining clutch 3-pointers like no one’s business, but what could it hurt?


D: If you’ve got only 20 minutes to work out, what’s your routine?
Nowitzki: Intervals on treadmill or elliptical


What’s your typical daily workout routine?
During the offseason, I lift weights (upper body, core, legs), plus cardio. During the season, I shoot jumpers.


What’s your usual breakfast?
Gluten-free toast with avocado and tomato or almond butter. Alternatively, gluten-free granola with almond milk and fruit salad.


What is your go-to cheat meal?


Name a song from your workout playlist.
Pearl Jam’s “Alive.”