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Leading Off (6/3/24)

Now there is only one.

Stars Eliminated. They got one goal in the third period, but couldn’t get a second to even it up. So Edmonton advances to the Stanley Cup Final and the dream of Dallas holding three championships at one time dies. Now we just will (hopefully) have to settle for two. At least all the last-time-each-team-played-in-a-conference-final memes remain true and extremely embarrassing for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Anyway, more from the StrongSide gang soon.

More Harsh Weather. There was flooding and hail Sunday and we should see at least a little more rain today. Looking better later this week, but I think I speak for everyone in saying I am over it. Not “bring on 100-degree days for the foreseeable future” over it. Just give me a few days of not having to worry one way or another. Give the people who had to endure almost a full week without power (some still dealing with that) and those still dealing with damage from trees and debris a break.

At Least We Were Treated to Mammatus Clouds. Hopefully you got a good chance to see the cotton-ball sky yesterday after the storms.


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