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KERA Exposes Gun Convention Deal

Dallas gave the NRA a nearly half million dollar discount to host its conference while Visit Dallas picked up the rest of the tab. And then City Hall tried to hide it.

I own two shotguns. Even if I do it infrequently and poorly, I enjoy sporting clays. Elm Fork is a great facility. And I have a friend who owns multiple handguns. I’ve shot with him on a range. Dig it. What I’m saying is: I like guns.

But I have no use for the NRA. It’s an evil organization. I’m for gun control. No assault weapons. I know I’m glossing over the issue. It’s complicated. But now you know roughly where I stand, which is important context for what I’m going to say:

The city of Dallas has failed its citizens. It doesn’t matter where you stand on the gun issue. If an organization comes to Dallas and uses our city-owned convention center, and if a news organization asks about the financial details of that convention center rental, then the city should turn over its records. Plain and simple.

KERA asked for the numbers, and the city stonewalled. Now we know that the NRA got a $482,000 discount on its rental of the convention center and a $445,000 subsidy paid by Visit Dallas. In the grand scheme, the money isn’t that important. The bigger issue is that the city tried to hide the details of the contract, fighting KERA’s open records request.

Props to KERA for bringing this to light. Shame on the city of Dallas for operating like a podunk.


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