Wednesday, June 19, 2024 Jun 19, 2024
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Leading Off (5/28/24)

Rainy, with a chance of the apocalypse today

All Hell Breaks Loose. Apologies for the late Leading Off. Early this morning your correspondent was awakened by his local warning siren, followed by that phone warning thing. As the storm moved through East Dallas, it took out the power and the cell service in our neighborhood. Then a limb fell from an oak tree—or is it an elm? Anyway, it was big enough to puncture my roof, which I discovered when I climbed onto my roof during a break in the rain and was nearly hit by lightning. (I’m exaggerating about the lightning. But I probably should not have been on the roof.) I hope everyone is safe in the land of FrontBurnervians.

Stars Won. The score was 5 to 3. A weather-delayed recap will be up on StrongSide momentarily.


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