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Leading Off (3/14/24)

Expect a lot of rain today.

More Chaos at Police Oversight Board. The volunteer board, which began in 2019 as a way to independently investigate civilian claims of police abuse or overreach, was issued a summary of a legal opinion that raised questions about what it can and cannot do. Since then, the city has given few clarifying details and the board is under the belief that if the police department chooses to not investigate a case, neither can they. A Wednesday night meeting was supposed to allow board members to question city employees, but no city officials were present. It went about as well as you’d think.

Dallas Police Officer Shot During Pursuit. The cop was shot in the hip after following a car whose driver was driving “erratically.” The suspect shot at an officer in an unmarked car who was “working in a covert capacity,” according to NBC 5, and the bullet came through the door and hit him in the hip. The police helicopter and other patrol cars followed the vehicle and arrested five suspects. The officer is recovering and is stable.

What to Expect From the Weather Today. This morning will likely be cloudy and humid. The rain will begin at some point between noon and 4, after a dryline and a cold front are able to puncture the cap that’s keeping the rain away during the a.m. hours. The rest of the evening will be marked by scattered storms, some of which could be severe. Hail is more likely than tornadoes, but both are low risks. Rain will continue throughout Friday and Saturday before clearing out on Sunday.


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