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Leading Off (2/22/24)

More drama at City Hall, if you can believe it.

WFAA: Broadnax Orchestrated Exit. Citing “sources” and unnamed council members, WFAA pieced together what happened away from public view before the city manager announced his resignation. According to Jason Whitely, T.C. Broadnax approached Councilman Jaime Resendez and told him he planned to quit. Resendez, the report says, then identified seven more council members who would ask for Broadnax’s resignation. Requesting the city manager to resign would trigger a clause in his contract that gives him a payout worth 12 months of his salary: $432,247. And they kept it quiet from the mayor, who had tried and failed to organize Broadnax’s firing in 2022.

Charter Commission Votes Against Moving Municipal Elections to November. Proponents believe that punting elections to November would increase the city’s absolutely dismal turnout. The 9-6 vote to keep them as-is was reflective of concern that moving city elections from May to November would insert partisan politics into nonpartisan races. Never mind that the mayor of the city made a big to-do about changing his political party and then launched an advocacy group for Republican mayors. We’re already selectively partisan.

There Is a Giant Cell Phone Outage Right Now. AT&T customers are likely without service this morning. T-Mobile and Verizon folks are at risk, but don’t seem as affected. The service disruption began around 3 a.m and AT&T hasn’t said what happened or when service will be restored.


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