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Leading Off (2/19/24)

We are fighting between a rock and 'why bother?'

Luka Puts Up a 7/7/7 Line in All-Star Game. The Mavericks star also took a shot from about three-quarters court for seemingly no reason. The game, despite the 211-186 final score in favor of the East squad, the first time any team had put up over 200 points, was a bit of a snooze. I ended up starting Night Country before it was over.

It’s Going to Get Up to 80 Degrees By Wednesday. I assume we will get a bit more winter—I remember getting a foot of snow dumped on my car overnight last year in mid-March, in Marfa, but still—but I don’t love this. I have too many jackets and coats to love this.

It’s Presidents Day. Delete a few fundraising emails this morning.


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Leading Off (4/12/24)

The technical difficulties late edition.
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Leading Off (4/11/24)

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