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Leading Off (2/12/24)

Happy Month Times Day Equals Year Day!

Patrick Dumont Gives First Interview. My main takeaway from this with the new Mavericks governor: I don’t think Mark Cuban will have as much oversight over the basketball decisions as previously indicated. If Dumont had anything to do with bringing in P.J. Washington and Daniel Gafford, who both looked great in a 146-111 Saturday afternoon drilling of the OKC Thunder, then I’m fine with that. OK, Tim skip to the third item.

American Airlines Flight Overruns Runway at DFW. No injuries were reported. According to the FAA, the cause was a braking malfunction.

The Cowboys Make a Super Bowl Appearance. Via Post Malone’s jacket. And also, if you want to be a bit more abstract, that 49ers catch that counted but wasn’t a catch when Dez Bryant caught it.

A ‘Breezy and Cool’ Monday. Just like all of my conversations that aren’t work-related, and about 27 percent of the ones that are.


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