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What Do You Do With a Giraffe Corpse?

Ferrell was euthanized at the Dallas Zoo on Sunday. This is not he.
This is a stock art picture of a giraffe.

Over our long Christmas break, my wife and I had a conversation about how we wish to have our bodies treated after we’ve slipped this mortal coil. She wants to be buried in such a fashion that her organic material can nourish a tree. Me, I want to be cremated and my ashes included in the popcorn seasoning at the Lakewood Growler. To each her own.

Over on Twitter, a similar conversation has sprung up about what happens with a giraffe that died at the Dallas Zoo. Poor Ferrell. He fell and dislocated his jaw in such a way that the injury would make it impossible for him to eat. According to this, giraffes don’t fare well in captivity.

But how do they fare in captive deaths? What does one do with such a large carcass? I answered that question back in 2007, when a giraffe named Hildy died at the Dallas Zoo. Click through to learn the final resting place for that animal.

Let’s be careful out there.


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