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Leading Off (1/30/24)

It will be sunny today, with a high of 70 and chances of password confusion.

Don’t Stare at the Sun. It will be sunny today. To practice for the solar eclipse on April 8, you might be tempted to stare at the sun. But don’t! The Dallas Morning News, as part of its eclipse coverage, published an article today explaining why you shouldn’t stare at the sun without eye protection. Coming tomorrow: why you shouldn’t drink bleach.

American Airlines to Lay off 656 Workers. Of the total, 321 work here, and the rest work in Phoenix. The workers are all part of the “service recovery team,” which is now being called the “customer success team” and is hiring 135 workers. I hope that’s clear.

McKinney Is Growing Like Crazy. There were more new home starts there in 2023 than anywhere else in Collin County. Here’s how the leaderboard looks: McKinney had 2,749 new home starts; Princeton had 2,641; and Celina had 2,144. Here’s hoping all those people don’t stare at the sun.

Richardson Creek Turned Blood Red. The city says everything is OK now, but a carwash dumped red detergent into Cottonwood Creek. The city had to dam the creek and pump out more than 21,000 gallons of water.

UTA Had Bomb Threats. Things are back to normal this morning, but yesterday authorities cleared four residence halls and apartments on campus after a bomb scare.


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