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Leading Off (1/16/24)

It'll be a cold but beautiful day for all the kids who don't have school.

School Is Closed. It’s funny to think of a fifth-grader waking up early to check FrontBurner to see if her school is closed. “Hey, sweetie, it’s closed. Probably. A lot of them are closed, even though it’ll be sunny today, and the roads are fine. So go play Fortnite. Treat yourself to a new skin. Have fun.”

Eagles Lose. If you think this item has nothing to do with Dallas, then you’re not a Cowboys fan. Here’s a bit of salve from Philadelphia Inquirer columnist David Murphy, writing about the Eagles 32-9 loss to the Bucs: “They told us everything we needed to know. They showed us all we needed to see. The discombobulation, the disarray, the disinterest: dysfunction as broad as it was deep. Would-be tacklers bouncing off ballcarriers like bad ideas, would-be pass defenders praying for drops, would-be timeouts burned in frenzied panic, a quarterback incapable of making a difference. This was the Eagles in their moment of truth. They swore they were going to show us who they really were. And boy did they ever. Not just a bad team, but a fundamentally unserious one.”

It’s Cold. Did we mention that it’s cold? ERCOT is asking us to conserve electricity. Here are a bunch of graphs and charts so you can monitor our state’s clown-show electric grid in real time. My assessment: hydro is once again not pitching in to keep the lights on.

Bonus Item. Watch this video.


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