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Bundle up and drip those pipes. The cold is here.

The Cold Is Here. It feels like 18 degrees as I type this a little before 7 a.m., and it won’t get above freezing until close to 11 a.m. Drip those faucets. Today will be cold, but the sun will come out and regulate temperatures a bit. Expect most of the day to be in the 40s. The real arctic air reaches us late Saturday, which will plunge temperatures into the teens and 20s. This is also when we might get some sort of wintry mix of rain or sleet, but the models still aren’t certain. On Monday and Tuesday, expect it to be 11 degrees. Thursday, we start to thaw out into the 30s. Bethany Erickson will have a whole weather post later today.

Stay Off Hillcrest for the Next Year, If You Can. Hillcrest will be closed from Wester Way and McCallum Boulevard for the next 52 weeks as Dallas Area Rapid Transit works on a grade-separated rail crossing for the Silver Line. Councilwoman Cara Mendelsohn tells me that 17,000 cars use this stretch each day. They will be rerouted to Coit Road and Preston Road, and it sounds like zero fun. Here’s a column I wrote in 2022 about how the Silver Line construction is affecting Far North Dallas.

Fort Worth Zoo Welcomes a Lion Cub. Let’s end this one on a good note: Moja was born in October to mother Saba and father Jabulani. He’s now 16 pounds, up from his 2 pound birthweight, and is “imitating predator-prey behavior,” which means it’s near time that he gets introduced to his father and mother. He’ll make an appearance for the public at the zoo later this year. His parents came to the zoo in 2012; they were born in a facility in South Africa.


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