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Cloudy today, with a high of 62 and chances of AI

Kate Cox Left Texas for an Abortion. The Texas Supreme Court Monday blocked her ability to terminate a non-viable pregnancy that endangers her health, so the Dallas-area woman whose lawsuit has garnered national attention went somewhere else to get healthcare. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine filed a brief before the court’s ruling. It said: “The pervasive ‘climate of fear’ among the Texas medical community is certain to be made worse by this case and the State’s actions in opposing the abortion Ms. Cox needs. Perhaps that’s the point of the State’s conduct.”

Dallas D.A. Drops Murder Charges. Have you been following the story of Marisela Botello-Valadez, the 23-year-old woman who visited Dallas from Seattle, went out for a night on the town in Deep Ellum in 2020, got picked up by a guy she met on the sidewalk, found herself in the middle of a Mesquite love triangle made up of two married women and a struggling male rapper, was stabbed to death, then buried in a shallow grave in Wilmer? All three members of the triangle were charged, but in the middle of the trial, the D.A.’s office asked the judge to drop the charges against the wife and boyfriend of the woman who allegedly wielded the knife. It is not yet known why the charges were dropped.

Violent Crime Down in Dallas. At a Monday meeting of the Public Safety Committee, cops presented data showing the overall violent crime is down 12.19 percent. But murders are up 10.45 percent. Police Chief Eddie García said: “Obviously, we will have our challenges. As we have this year, recently, with one incident causing several deaths. We will continue to fight. Again, the way you reduce murder is to reduce the incidents of aggravated assault that cause the murder.”

Victoria Neave Criado Will Challenge Nathan Johnson. The state representative wants to take the state senator’s seat, setting the stage for a fight among Democrats in the March primary. But only one of these two politicians has composed music for Dragon Ball Z.


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