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There is traffic news inside this post that you will want to see if you live anywhere near the High Five.
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A Transmission Line Almost Plunged Us Into Darkness. On Wednesday night, the state’s operating reserves dipped below 3,000 megawatts as demand for power set yet another new record. Apparently, a transmission line that powered up North Texas “showed signs of an imminent overload.” Power generated by wind farms wasn’t getting to us, so the Electric Reliability Council of Texas issued the emergency warning that precedes rolling blackouts. Demand slowed after sunset, and the state narrowly avoided turning off the lights.

Paxton Whistleblowers Testify in Impeachment Trial. The attorney general’s former employees who reported their boss to the FBI took the stand on Thursday. They described how difficult the decision was to turn in Ken Paxton, how doing so was career suicide, and how difficult it was to be labeled as “rogue” employees. They each presented themselves as conservatives who were dedicated to the cause of the office, but Paxton’s insistence on helping the campaign donor and developer Nate Paul crossed a line and compelled them to present evidence to the FBI. Testimony continues today.

Stay Away from Central Expressway in North Dallas This Weekend. The Texas Department of Transportation will be shutting down portions of north and southbound U.S. 75 between Royal and Forest lanes. The agency warns of “significant delays” as cars are diverted to frontage roads. The state is building a pedestrian bridge over the freeway to tie in the Northaven Trail to White Rock Creek Trail.

Texas Paid Bitcoin Miner $31.7M To Shut Down. Riot Platforms agreed to slow its energy consumption last month in return for $31.7 million in energy credits, which means it’s selling power back to the Texas grid in times of need. The crypto market has cratered, so Riot is harnessing what is most valuable in the state: energy.


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