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The Strangest Little Publication Ever to Come out of Dallas

There will never be another weekly paper like the Iconoclast.
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Once upon a time, I worked at an alternative Dallas weekly called The Met. I’m afraid it folded before even the Wayback Machine could properly catch a record of it. You’ll just have to trust me. It was great. Maybe.

The Met began its run (more or less) as an SMU student newspaper. So when the writer Sean Mitchell pitched me a story about another, older weekly that also had SMU roots, I was game. The Iconoclast had an unwieldy name, but to hear Sean tell it, the paper’s office operated in a way that Met staffers would appreciate. (Even if we were never investigated by the FBI.)

That’s your setup. Sean’s story about the Iconoclast, which published in the June issue of D Magazine, went online today. We’re happy to bring you this slice of Dallas history.


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Tim Rogers

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