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Enough is enough. It was already enough.
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Allen Premium Outlets Shooting Is the Second-Most Deadly This Year. Isn’t it ridiculous and awful that we can even rank these things? Do we all see how insane that is? And that there is another mass shooting that killed more than eight people, as Saturday’s did? Do we all see that? This was the 22nd mass murder and 199th mass shooting this year, which has just started its fifth month. Were you surprised by either of those numbers? We’re getting a little too numb to this, right?

Earlier this week, I saw there was an active shooter in Midtown Atlanta, which is near where my sister lives. I texted her to make sure she was OK, and she was, but she had been chaperoning a kindergartner field trip and they were on lockdown for almost three hours. And then it turned out the woman who was killed lived a few houses down and their young daughters played with hers occasionally. Then this. And it’s just not surprising any more, not shocking, completely expected that no one moves to do anything after this. Republicans offer thoughts and prayers and feints toward taking a look at mental health. Democrats send fundraising emails. No one is doing anything. I’m not doing anything. I’m writing this and, I don’t know, retweeting people smarter than me.

Sorry, I guess I should be enjoying all my freedoms. But none of this feels too free to me.

Mayor Eric Johnson Wins Second Term With Only 93 Percent of the Vote. You’d think an unopposed candidate would manage a cleaner sweep, but oh well. And most of the city council will be be back.


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