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Leading Off (5/19/23)

Here's hoping tonight's storms don't pre-empt the Stars-Golden Knights game, or knock the power out.
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FBI Investigating Dallas Ransomware Attack. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said this week that its criminal investigation into the May 3 ransomware attack on Dallas city hall servers is ongoing. Many city departments are back to normal, or nearly there, but Dallas police, Dallas Fire-Rescue, and municipal courts are still hampered as the IT services department works to safely bring their systems back online. City officials say they’ve found no evidence that personal data has been leaked, but will not say if they plan to pay a ransom.

Missing Woman Gets Her Name Back. Two weeks after Fort Worth police officially confirmed that she was a child abducted by a babysitter 51 years ago, Melissa Highsmith went to court to get her birth name back. Highsmith was found when her siblings took an at-home DNA test and located one of her three children. Among her plans is to get a passport with her new name so she can visit a sibling living in Spain, and have another wedding ceremony with her husband so her father can walk her down the aisle.

Forney City Attorney Arrested on Second Alcohol-Related Charge. Forney City Attorney and prosecutor Jennifer Barnes Smith was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly driving while intoxicated, the Rockwall County Sheriff’s office said. This is the second alcohol-related offense in the past few months for Smith, who was arrested in Fate and charged with public intoxication, which was later dismissed after she completed an alcohol diversion program.

Friday’s Weather Is Not Good. Tell the boss I said you could knock off early on account of possible storms that should start firing up right about 4 or 5 p.m. today and getting more likely as the evening progresses. It will be 91 stupid degrees today ahead of those storms. Saturday and Sunday will see highs in the very reasonable low 80s, and lows in the mid-60s.

Write-In Candidate Wins Trophy Club Mayor’s Race. Jeannette Tiffany bested Mayor Pro Tem Greg Lamont in the May 6 election for mayor of Trophy Club, 63 percent to 36 percent. Lamont may feel a little irritated at that, because he was the only candidate officially on the ballot—Tiffany ran as a certified write-in candidate. So, take heart, Bruh, Dirk Nowitzki, and “I run the meeting” — maybe next election.


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