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DFW Airport has plans to add another 24 new gates in the next five or so years.
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Dallas Mavericks Keep Draft Pick. The ping pong balls were good to the Mavericks, who eked in with the 10th pick in the draft. That meant the tank job after the Hornets losses paid off; the pick would have gone to the Knicks in the Kristaps Porzingis trade if it had fallen anywhere below 10th. I’m not ready to talk about what happened at the top of the lottery.

Bill Limiting Local Regulations Appears Destined to Pass. Local governments all across the state have been chewing their nails for weeks over the so-called Death Star legislation. It’s the most aggressive attempt yet at limiting local control in the name of statewide consistency. It would mean Dallas couldn’t pass an ordinance requiring construction companies to give water breaks to employees. It would limit rules on hourly minimum wages, drought restrictions, noise complaints. “[T]he bill is so broadly written that no one knows exactly how much it would ultimately limit local governments’ power to make rules,” reports the Texas Tribune. Bethany had more earlier this week. It’s not the only bill being considered that would change how cities operate.

Ransomware Matter Still Gumming Up the Works for Police, Libraries. The hack “is really influencing our ability to plan for what we’re trying to do,” with Chief Eddie García’s violent crime plan, he said. Data is key to its success, which targets dozens of football field-sized grids where violent crime is most common across the city and directs police attention. (More on that here.) We had an officer give us a presentation in our office about active shooters, and I counted four frustrated jokes from her about the hack.

New Terminal Coming to DFW. It’s expected to cost $1.6 billion and will add 15 gates and dozens of daily flights. Terminal C will also be torn down and rebuilt over three to four phases. Terminal A will also get a “pier” expansion that will add a total of 24 new gates to the airport.


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