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A Love Song for Dallas Trails (Where People Are Very Seldom Murdered)

This Karate Dance Party video will make you smile.
The view from Gene "Karate Dance Party" Davis' handlebars

This morning in Leading Off, I mentioned that the Morning News had published a misleading headline for a story that actually reported the opposite of what the headline implied. Headline: “8 Murders Occurred Near Dallas Trails in 2022, Police Say. That’s Not the Whole Story.” Then the subhead: “A little-noticed public safety briefing on the city’s hike-and-bike network turns up many concerns.”

The natural conclusion from reading just that headline is that murders are happening near Dallas trails, police aren’t giving us the whole story, and there are many reasons to be concerned. And remember: as this stuff gets pushed out on social media, lots of people read only the headlines.

But that’s not what the story says. Sharon Grigsby did a great job of hunting down more information about each of those murders, the mention of which in a community meeting made her curious. Her story says that the way DPD reported the information was bunk. To wit: “Permanently categorizing data based solely on the randomness of ‘trail’ or ‘park’ showing up in the first report is nonsensical. DPD can argue until hell freezes over that its location tracking in these eight cases is defensible, but the end result was misleading to anyone who saw the numbers.”

So, again, Grigsby wrote a story with good news about trails. The News copy editors wrote a scary headline with bad news about murder on the trails. The headline needs to be changed.

While we’re waiting for that to happen, here’s something way more fun about the trails. When Gene Davis read Leading Off this morning, he sent me a short video for a song he wrote called “On My Orange Bike.” He calls it a love song for the LOOP, the 50-mile trail circuit around the city. Davis does something called the Karate Dance Party. He said there was no need to mention him but that Friends of the SoPac Trail are throwing a garden party April 30 at 1 p.m. at the Pollinator Garden.

If the News copy editors wrote a headline for a story about that, I imagine it would be something like: “With Murders in Dallas on the Rise and Bee Colonies Collapsing, Trail Supporters Throw Party That Raises Concerns.”

Anyway, here’s the fun video:


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