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Partly cloudy today, with a high of 80 and chances of loan forgiveness
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Frisco Trustee Won’t Be Investigated. A transgender student from another school district had accused Trustee Marvin Lowe of harassment, but at a board meeting last night, a motion to investigate Lowe’s actions did not get a second. During a public comment period at the meeting, 37 people spoke. According to the Dallas Morning News, most of them supported Lowe.

Vistra Makes $3.43 Billion Deal. Irving-based Vistra Corp. is acquiring troubled Energy Harbor Corp., which will give Vistra nuclear plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Vistra, btw, recently reported its results from last year: a net loss of $1.2 billion on revenue of $13.7 billion. But you know what? It takes money to make money.

The Fight Continues Against the Emerald Ash Borer. You know about the bug that kills ash trees. Just a note that if you see a tree with a blue tag, that means the city has treated it to protect against the bug. How does that affect you and your daily life? Oh, it affects you. Trust me.

Oklahoma Votes on Weed. Oklahomans will today decide whether to make recreational use of marijuana legal. Your correspondent predicts it will happen. We’ve got 8 million people in North Texas, which is twice the entire population of Oklahoma. A bunch of us already like to gamble and vacation in Oklahoma. We’ll get high up there, too, and the Sooners will be happy to take our money.


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