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Watch Delightful Video of Man Falling on Ice

A cautionary tail got bruised.
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I have a friend. That friend asked that I refer to him only by his nickname in this post. Jay the Midget, a North Texas resident, has a Ring doorbell camera at his house. The scene below was captured by that camera this afternoon.

I’d like to say two things about this footage. The first is that I had to watch the video six times before I cried from laughing. My eyes grew moist on the fourth viewing. But actual tears didn’t stream down my cheeks till No. 6. Individual results may vary. What I’m saying is: if you haven’t cried yet, maybe watch it once more. Give it some time to work.

Second, I am sharing this video not only to make you cry-laugh but also as a warning. It’s slippery out there, people. Be careful. Jay the Midget was a college athlete. His sport was golf. But still. He’s a coordinated fellow. And even though he’s short, his limbs and feet and so on are fairly proportional. So if Jay the Midget can’t walk down his front steps without taking a Loony Tunes spill and winding up on FrontBurner, then you should consider staying on the couch today.

Stay safe.

Gravity is real, y'all!


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