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Podcast: Jonathan GNO White Has ‘101 Break Up Poems’

Catch him at the Dallas Institute on February 10.
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GNO (pronounced “Gino”) is a National Poetry Slam champ who has tackled subjects from getting pulled over for being Black to the Filet-O-Fish sandwich (for a McDonald’s commercial). And he has written poems about a few of his breakups. He’ll read some of those poems on February 10 at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, in a series they call “Lyric Hour.” Cocktails are involved.

So we talked about his love life and Prince and how poetry can save young people’s lives. Obviously we also talked about the Filet-O-Fish. And about how the McRib is actually a pork belly arbitrage play (only slightly misusing the word “arbitrage”).

Real quick, here are some other links you might find useful while listening to this episode of EarBurner, the award-winning D Magazine podcast hosted by actual editors who talk about Dallas and stuff: Prince destroys your eyes and ears playing a “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” solo in 2004. That’s a remastered video. Here’s what it looked like when the video first came out, and it appeared as if Prince made his guitar disappear. I tried to call Rod Dreher on the show; that clown just caused an international incident.


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