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Leading Off (2/3/23)

The roads refroze overnight, but the sun is coming to blast it all away. It’ll just be a few hours.
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Give the Roads a Few Hours Before You Use Them. It rained for much of the evening—not heavily, but enough to splatter on the roads and refreeze the progress we made on Thursday. They’re bad enough that Dallas ISD scrapped school today after all. WFAA reports standstills on the George Bush Tollway near Preston Road and notes that many bridges and overpasses are ice rinks. Dallas-Fire Rescue responded to 135 accidents overnight, just in time for “freezing fog” to settle in over the metro area. The good news: temperatures will rise quickly, ascending into the low 50s by 3 p.m. And it’ll be sunny. That should be enough to clear the roads before temperatures again fall into the low 30s overnight. Saturday, you’re looking at a cloudy low of 33 and a high of 55. Sunday will be sunny with a low of 42 and a high of 63. What’s another few hours inside, if you can?

Mavs Squeak Out a Mess of a Game. But lost Luka to an apparent heel injury in the third quarter. That’s when the Pelicans began chipping away at what was a Mavericks 31 point lead. Brandon Ingram settled in as the Pels outscored the Mavs by 24 in the second half. Josh Green was basically Dallas’ only form of offense late in the game; too many possessions ended in go-nowhere dribbling and bailout midrange jumpers. The Mavs won 111-106, but it wasn’t encouraging. They’re 0-6 in full games without Luka, and the second half was a reminder of why.

Zoo Promises ‘Significant’ Changes. The official statement says the Dallas Zoo will add more cameras, “additional security technology,” more fencing, more security patrols, and additional overnight staffing. The facility is still reeling after a pair of emperor tamarin monkeys were stolen from the zoo and turned up safe and sound in an abandoned house in Lancaster.


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