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Dallas Etiquette 101: Don’t Go for Groceries in a Dually

Let's be a bit more considerate than this person.
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At the Lakewood Whole Foods the other day, I encountered the pickup truck you see here. Is that a Ford F-350 with an extended cab? I don’t know. I’m not a truck guy. It’s a dually. I can tell you that. And it doesn’t fit in a parking space. Even if this guy (and it had to be a guy) had pulled his truck all the way forward, even if he hadn’t taken up half a handicapped spot and half a not-parking-space spot, the butt end of that truck would still be a nuisance.

Here’s the rule: if you own a bigass pickup truck that was designed for hauling hay and towing a horse trailer, leave it at the ranch. No one at Whole Foods is impressed.


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