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North Texas Can Brace for Cold Rain, and Maybe Snow, on Tuesday

There is a 100 percent chance for precipitation on Tuesday, which could include snow. It also might not. Here’s what you need to know.
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This is likely the most winter precipitation we'll get Tuesday, if forecasts are true. Expect more accumulation along the Red River. Zac Crain

There is a 100 percent chance that North Texas is getting some kind of precipitation tomorrow, which could include snow. The good news is that it looks like temperatures will be too warm to have any real accumulation, so this is mostly a 98 percent chance that your socks will be soaked on the walk from your office to your car tomorrow night.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday’s forecast will include rain with slight chances of thunderstorms and snow in the afternoon. By evening, as temperatures drop further, the chance of snow continues, but even then the NWS expects little to no accumulation. Lows are expected to be in the mid-30s both tomorrow and Wednesday, and in the mid-to-upper 40s for highs. 

“Rain will likely transition to a rain-snow mix Tuesday afternoon and continue into Tuesday night for parts of North Texas,” the agency says. “With surface temperatures generally remaining above freezing, the snow will be wet and slushy with no accumulation expected on surface roads. Snow is more likely to accumulate on grassy and elevated surfaces across northwestern North Texas and along the Red River.”

That likely means that the worst of the driving will be the commute home from school and work, and potentially Wednesday morning.

So far, only the areas near Abilene, Wichita Falls, and along the Red River are under any type of weather advisory, and the NWS says that those areas could expect anywhere from a dusting to 3 inches on grassy areas.

Students that attend Dallas ISD schools will probably remain in class no matter the weather tomorrow, as district policy is to stay open the entire school day “so as not to inconvenience working parents or disrupt the learning environment.” Should school need to be canceled, the district will notify local radio and TV stations by 6 a.m., and will send out automated calls to parents soon after. The information will also be posted on the district’s website, and on its social media platforms. Highland Park ISD’s and Richardson ISD’s policies are much the same, but HPISD parents can also sign up for a text message alert.

For unsheltered or undersheltered people who need a city warming center, the city has not yet updated the available centers for tomorrow’s weather. For updates, go here. The Salvation Army’s warming shelters are opened when temperatures reach 36 degrees or below consistently. The nonprofit OurCalling has created an app that provides information on shelters, clinics, and a calendar for free meals.


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