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Leading Off (1/31/23)

It's cold! And precipitating!

Snow! Maybe! The weather app on my phone, currently located in East Dallas, says it’s snowing at 6:55 and will continue to do so for the next hour. I don’t know. Looks and sounds more like sleet to me. In any case, we’re under a Winter Storm Warning until 6 a.m. tomorrow. According to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth: “Significant travel impacts expected. Stay home!” Lots of closures today. If you can, leave those screens, get outside, and tear an ACL trying to sled on a cookie sheet.

Luka Goes Off. An assistant coach on the Pistons bench started chirping at Luka Doncic in the first quarter. Luka responded by scoring 53 points, chirping back at the coach the entire game, and then, when the Pistons were done and dusted, asking that coach, “Who are you? Who are you?” He is such a treasure. (BTW, the DMN’s Brad Townsend made the chirping the fulcrum of his game report, as it should have been, but the Detroit News didn’t even mention it, which is dumb.)

Zoo Monkeys Still Missing. Bethany reported the story yesterday about the stolen monkeys. Today is Day No. 2 of the FrontBurner Monkey Vigil.

Boats Burn in Rockwall. I hope you didn’t have your boat docked at Chandler’s Landing Marina on Lake Ray Hubbard. A fire destroyed multiple boats there.

Dallas County Republicans Lobby for Paper Ballots. They say voting machines can’t be trusted. Also, they say that a duck floats on water and that if a woman does the same, she must be made of wood and is therefore a witch and should be burned.


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