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Sneak Peek at Dallas’ Trinity Spine Trail (And New Creekside Park)

We are about to have 50 acres of awesomeness in East Dallas.
Philip Hiatt Haigh, executive director of the Circuit Trail Conservancy Photo by Tim Rogers

Yesterday morning I went on a little adventure with some folks I work with, led by a fellow with shaved legs named Philip Hiatt Haigh. P2H is a serious cyclist, which (partly) explains the silky smooth gams. He’s also the executive director of the Circuit Trail Conservancy, the folks building The LOOP, a 50-mile paved trail around Dallas. So when P2H asked if we wanted to come have a look at part of The LOOP called the Spine Trail before it officially opens, we loaded up our bikes.

A few details to bear in mind: Matt Goodman, our online editorial director, is from Houston. Also, he doesn’t own a bike. P2H owns about 17 bikes, so he brought one for Matt to use. It had a basket on front.

Elizabeth Lavin, our staff photographer, didn’t have a bike until a couple of weeks ago, when she spotted a Huffy on the side of the road. This was either a stellar example of what urbanists call “adaptive reuse,” or she stole some kid’s bike.

We met in the parking lot of White Rock Alehouse and jumped on the Santa Fe Trail. After it crosses over Garland Road, before it takes the hard right turn toward downtown, that’s where the Spine Trail splits off, headed from the south end of White Rock Lake to (eventually) the Trinity River. Here, maybe this map I made will help:


We were headed to the good stuff, aka Creekside Park. Ever heard of it? No, you haven’t! Creekside Park is brand new, and you can’t even go there yet. Only trained journalists and people with shaved legs are allowed. But it’s 50 acres of forest. The Spine Trail runs right through it. And get this: the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA) is going to build 8 miles of mountain bike trail through it.

Elizabeth brought her drone. Very soonish, we will have some cool video to show you of Creekside. And we’ll have some more details about DORBA’s plans. It’s all pretty exciting. For now, I’ll just tell you that this area is accessible only by trails, and it’s one of those oases in Dallas where you have a look around and you can’t believe you’re still right in the heart of the city.

Oh, I’ll also tell you that Elizabeth captured her amazing images while dealing with a face wound that was gushing blood. And Matt didn’t do anything to help. Proof:



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