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New Podcast: Ken Bethea of the Old 97’s Is Now a Movie Star

The Old 97’s guitarist is now in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s not the type to big-time us.
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Old 97s christmas special
That’s Ken on the left. Disney

This one’s for the Dallas music nerds, the ones who recognize Shibboleth from beyond EarBurner’s theme music. The folks who might know how the Old 97’s got together when they were all living in the Marquita Court Apartments in Lower Greenville. (The apartments whose roof recently collapsed.)

Ken Bethea is the guitarist for the band, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary early next year. But he’s making his second appearance on EarBurner for a different reason. He’s now a movie star. Sort of. The whole band is, even though Rhett Miller is the only one with a speaking part.

The Old 97’s are in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which premiered Friday on Disney+.

Ken wrote about the experience in our December issue, and you should absolutely read it, but he goes deeper in the podcast: about his relationship with Guardians director James Gunn, how this experience was different than the role the band played in 2006’s The Breakup, and how he spends one day a week working behind the register at a board game shop in Bishop Arts. It’s a good chat (even if Tim’s voice was a wreck because he’d just shouted himself hoarse watching World Cup). Plus, hear his exclusive reaction to the roof caving in on his old apartment complex, the one that helped spur the creation of Dallas’ finest rock band.

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